101 Orienteering Maps …

Are you one of those who always ask yourself the question “How would it be to orienteer here?” when you get to a new and fascinating area? In that case, you are not alone!

The “101 orienteering maps” blog was started by Jan Kocbach & Ivan Nagy with the general aim to open a discussion not only about the most outstanding orienteering areas of the world – but also about different aspects of orienteering maps, mapping and to some extent about the essence of the sport itself.

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101 orienteering maps you should run on before you die

Our ultimate goal, to produce a real paper book about 101 orienteering maps which every orienteer should run on before he/she dies, is clear but not set as a “101% must”. It depends on many people and circumstances how the project will develop. We will of course do our very best to complete it, however most of all we want to enjoy the process of determining those 101 maps. With so many magnificent orienteering destinations it sounds a bit like a mission impossible, but together with you we’re sure we’ll make it!


Please help us determine the 101 maps through your comments – either using the Feedback button to the right, our Facebook page or comments to the articles!


Ivan & Jan